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Did you know that you can leverage compliance to build a strong alliance with your customer? It can help you increase brand recognition, loyalty, and ultimately a stronger brand identity. I have helped numerous brands across the globe for over two decades accomplish all that and more. Kikkoman, Cascading Farm and Clif Bar are among the many companies that I’ve helped build their customer alliance by applying the SIX KEY PRINCIPLES. I would be honored to share these with your organization, show you how to implement them and the results you can expect.

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Donald Nordeng

Donald Nordeng is the CEO of BioGro New Zealand, the largest organic certification company in New Zealand. Born in Madison, Wisconsin, he has dedicated over 25 years of service to help CEOs achieve organic certification and access foreign markets. Donald has lived and worked in Japan, New Zealand and other parts of Asia and is the recognized expert authority in organic certification. His 6 key principles from his book, "Organic to the Core" help companies refine and grow their businesses has helped many internationally known brands such as Amy’s Kitchen, Muir Glen,  Kikkoman, and Suntory. He lives with his family in Wellington, New Zealand. 

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Organic to the Core: Grow your Business with the 6 Principles of Organic.

Consumers today EXPECT more from businesses than ever before and CEOs and business owners must find ways to communicate with their customers AND team effectively. I can help you discover the TOOLS you can use to get the job done. Virtual or in person workshop or keynote available.


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Your Product is the Star, but building a Great System delivers profits.

What happens when all of the money, time, and effort your company spends doesn’t work in your favor? Your systems are failing and with three system changes we can start to rebuild your reputation. Virtual or in person workshop or keynote available.

People. Find the most talented people, then define their roles, not the other way around.

Transform Your Business with the 6 Principles of Organic." Consumers today want more from businesses than ever before and CEOs and business owners need to be smart about how they communicate this not only to their customers but to their staff. If your staff don't believe you, who will? I can help you discover your message and introduce a toolbox for you to use. Virtual or in person workshop or keynote available.




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Olives New Zealand were pleased to have Donald deliver a keynote presentation at our Conference in October 2020. The presentation was very well structured, succinct and delivered with humour and engagement. 

Gayle Sheridan
Executive Officer
Olives New Zealand Inc

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